The arrival of spring in Wisconsin is accompanied by the sound of lawn mowers, the smell of fresh mulch and the sight of long lines at the local garden center on Saturdays.

In a 2015 survey of consumers by the market research group Mintel, 90 percent of respondents believed an attractive lawn and garden increased the value of their home.

However, our commitment to our yards runs deeper than that, as 75 percent of all respondents agreed with the statement: “My lawn and garden (are) a reflection of my personality.”

On a per-person basis, and using a 2015 U.S. population estimate of 321.4 million, how much did America spend on lawn and garden care, per person, in 2015?

A. $90.23

B. $125.18

C. $56.79

D. $103.56

Answer: A. Americans spent slightly more than $29.1 billion on lawn care in 2015, roughly equal to $90.23 per person, according to Mintel.

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— Kristin Runge, UW-Extension;; Twitter @RungeKristin