Water surrounds the Costco in Middleton on Tuesday. The company said the store could reopen next week.

The Costco in Middleton could reopen next week, the company said Thursday.

Bill Koza, a regional vice president for the warehouse company, said product is still being removed from the store and cleaning is ongoing but replacement product has not yet arrived.

About a foot of water covered the sales floor Monday and Tuesday after heavy rains swamped the region but the store also lost power for more than 14 hours. That meant that any frozen or cold items had to be discarded. Food from the deli and bakery were also tossed along with other non-food items that may have come in contact with the water, Koza said.

It’s unclear if the 153,000-square-foot store will open early next week or later in the week.

“We just don’t know. There’s a lot of work being done and the goal is to be open as soon as possible,” Koza said. “We lost some of everything.”

Some of the losses were on display Wednesday outside the store. They included carts filled with beef, pork, salmon, pies and macaroni and cheese. Nearby dumpsters held boxes of produce.

But in addition to food and other products, Koza said the losses also include refrigeration and freezer units and ovens in the bakery and deli departments.

The store, which was supposed to celebrate its 10-year anniversary this week, also served as a place of refuge for about 85 employees and customers on Monday night and Tuesday morning who had become trapped by the flood waters that inundated the Discovery Springs development.

Koza said a private contractor has been brought in to help clean and ready the store for reopening. About half of the store’s 230 employees are working at the store with the other half working at Costco’s Sun Prairie store, which is receiving heavier volume since the Middleton store is closed.

“I’m sure that will continue through the weekend,” Koza said.