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FYI to all. The above is a quote from an exchange with Scrooge in Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol."

Thanks for your input, Vade Mecum. BTW, it's the "Capital" Times.

It sounds funny. But is it any weirder than, say, film studies? It's a cultural, commercial art, no?

Mayor Paul Soglin's office announced at midday Wednesday that the Water Utility's Water Wagon -- it hooks up to the municipal water supply and delivers tap water through several spigots -- will be in the fenced off area downtown for people to fill up water bottles at no cost.

Lynne: You're right. It isn't free -- all us water utility customers pay for it. As for having people bring their own -- a good idea. But you're always going to have someone who forgets or needs more than they anticipated. I like the notion of developing a local culture where people carry ou…

Hey Zeppelin: I've attached the press release on the Water Wagon to my post. It says the Water Utility "will be bringing its Water Wagon to Saturday’s Rhythm and Booms event at Lake Monona." Sounds like main area only. Besides, I think there is only one Water Wagon. Here's a story …

It's hard to say how the city of Madison would greet proposals for other clusters of tiny houses or other more affordable housing not now allowed. Minneapolis, for one, is about to consider allowing "granny flats," that can be attached to the main house or not: http://www.startribu…

Valiquette told me in the interview that he -- like millions of others -- applied for and is receiving Social Security from the program he paid in to over decades of work.

Superintendent Cheatham said that the principal was leaving of her own accord.

The article reports that "the intent in reassigning Ferrill was to give the new principal flexibility in selecting school leaders," Cheatham said.