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Lindsay Christians


Food editor and arts writer Lindsay Christians has been writing for the Cap Times since 2008. She created the food podcast The Corner Table and hosts Cooking with the Cap Times. Member, American Theatre Critics Association. She/hers.

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Lindsay Christians

Thanks for writing. That voice, of the veteran line cook, was something I looked for consistently during the days I was reporting the story. It's definitely a hole, and something I'd like to have done better if I had more time. Most of the people I talked to had been line cooks themselves bu…

Lindsay Christians

everclear -- There is a mention of this in the review -- I called Wah Kee and asked if they use MSG in any of their dishes, and the server said they don't. Albert Ng also says they don't. But anecdotally and based on my own experiences there, I just don't 100 percent believe it.

If it…

Lindsay Christians…

Lindsay Christians

cc1038 -- It's a valid question, about those pork buns. I truly could not tell the difference, but also I like them? So I wasn't exactly sad, but I also probably wouldn't order them again because at that point you're going for the ambiance, and that's not really Wah Kee's strength.


Lindsay Christians

Thanks for writing, FA. I would agree that most of the adults in the play were neurotic, or at best, confused about how to respond to him. But I don't believe it was "all show."

We don't get to see what Kenny was like at the time the event happened, and -- spoiler here -- ev…

Lindsay Christians

Their bank is The Bank of New Glarus. And I don't know about what they've pledged.

Lindsay Christians

Lindsay Christians commented on Mason's on Main in Oregon closes

The links are fixed! Thanks for the note.

And I can't imagine any news organization in 2014 wanting to pretend like it is the only source of information for anything, let alone restaurant reviews, which are fairly easy to find.

Lindsay Christians

Thanks for the note! I did mention the Bloody Mary bar, although I didn't make it out on a Saturday morning and settled for a standard bloody on a weekday. Nice level of heat, basic garnish. Good stuff.

I absolutely need to try the meatloaf, since I love it but my husband doesn't. You …

Lindsay Christians


I thought Julia's "sneak peek" feature was a nice first look at the restaurant, which opened while I was still on vacation. (Accepted standard for reviewing is to wait at least a month after opening, then visit at least twice anonymously. Isthmus follows this rule, I …

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