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John Smalley


John Smalley is the editor of the Wisconsin State Journal.

Warm greetings this week with — big surprise here — an update on all things COVID-19 via a quick review of some of the most important stories we've been following recently.

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John Smalley

koala -- I'm not sure where the "what if" scenarios take us. What if the police stormed my newsroom and arrested all my reporters? Sure, I suppose in some realm that might happen, but it's not something I worry about. Same with needing a permit to enter the Capitol. I'm not worried…

John Smalley

Fact or Fiction -- For the record, the State Journal is owned by Lee Enterprises, not Gannett.

Andy -- On the point about what if the press needed a permit: I suppose if I wanted to set my press up in the Capitol rotunda, then yes, I'd probably need a permit for that and I'd apply for…

John Smalley

Good Dog, Happy Man (by the way, where does that moniker come from?): No doubt that the WCIJ could have perhaps stayed off the Legislature's radar if they paid rent. But I think they'd argue that in a sense they are paying rent by agreeing to hire UW student interns each semester. That's par…

John Smalley

Good Dog, Happy Man -- thanks, and here's to a great and meaningful Independence Day for us all.

Witness2012 -- "Opposite Land" is no place to be. I'm trying to live in Sensible City, on Reasonable Street. It's a small town, but I hope it's growing!

-- John Smalley, S…

John Smalley

Wow, imagine that -- a reasonable thread of comments on a column about reasonable discussion. That's an excellent trend. In his column, Mike does a great job of making the point I was trying to make -- in a much more clumsy way -- in my Sunday column about the state budget and the leadership…

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