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Jack Craver


Jack Craver is the Capital Times political reporter, focusing on elections, candidates and campaign finance.

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Jack Craver

You don't think the Wall Street Journal editorial board is conservative?

Jack Craver

Lynne, to be clear, the bill being introduced would do just that. All changes to the constitution must be approved via referendum.

Jack Craver

Hiya WW,

I didn't mean to suggest that Sargent decided to introduce the bill in response to my earlier article, I just wanted to introduce readers to the ongoing coverage that we've had on the subject and highlight that Sargent's action i in contrast to that of many of her colleagues,…

Jack Craver

That is partially true, Tom, but I think it ignores the fact that a lot of the money in elections comes from groups that are promoting a narrow interest, instead of a broader ideological agenda. Many wealthy donors and other interest groups lavish money on candidates on both sides of the ais…

Jack Craver

Mr. Deeks,

Thanks for your comment.

Your position that the government should not obligate organizations to disclose their spending is a philosophical one that is echoed by many libertarians. However, my role as a journalist is to seek out as much information as I can to help cit…

Jack Craver


Money does not ensure victory in politics, but it makes it possible. It is undeniably an extremely powerful force in our electoral system. If it weren't, there wouldn't be an entire profession of political fundraisers devoted to raising money for candidates, parties and outsid…

Jack Craver


Thanks for the comment.

First off, the Native American population in Wisconsin is 1 percent. So in a Marquette Poll of about 800 voters, only about 8 of them should identify as Native American.

Secondly, Native Americans in the state already vote overwhelmingly Dem…

Jack Craver

But assuming you're right, what types of campaign finance laws favor ALEC and what types of campaign finance laws favor Gov. Walker?

A corporate interest group like ALEC would presumably want laws that increase the influence of corporations in politics. That can be done by increasing …

Jack Craver


Campaign contributions don't necessarily equal "wealth" for the politicians. Those who would use the new limits to raise more money than other politicians would increase their power relative to other politicians.

Jack Craver


The Cap Times, particularly reporter Pat Schneider, has extensively covered the issue of homelessness in Madison.

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