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Dave Zweifel


Dave is editor emeritus of The Capital Times.

"I suppose if you make your fortune selling, servicing and leasing Caterpillar heavy equipment — backhoes, dozers, engines, excavators, earthmovers and hundreds of other products — you'd want to make nice with Republicans."


"Something must be terribly wrong about this guy who purports to represent the good people of Wisconsin in the U.S. Senate. Either that or he's a bigger charlatan than I thought."

"I fully expected the two Republican legislators to break out into a "did not," "did too" back-and-forth shout down as they stumbled all over themselves, bound and determined to rid the state of what they insist is a dreaded and illegal mandate from the governor for wearing masks during a pandemic that has killed nearly 6,000 Wisconsin citizens."

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Dave Zweifel

Monona's Broadway east of Monona Drive isn't a smooth ride either. It's like driving over a speed bump every 20 feet.

Dave Zweifel

number6 thanks for catching the "now." It wasn't the spellcheck, just the unnimble fingers.

Dave Zweifel

Just a bit of clarification for those who contend an empty train would have traveled those tracks. First, let's not forget that the tracks are shared by Amtrak and freight trains. The improved track would have done exactly what Scott Fitzgerald says we must now do -- improve our rail infrast…

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