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Barry Adams


Barry Adams covers regional and business news for the Wisconsin State Journal.

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Paul Chase, a distant relative of O'Keeffe, has created 12 paintings and five sculptures of the artist at his studio in Galena, Illinois, that will be on display beginning Thursday in Sun Prairie's downtown. 

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Barry Adams

AB1234: So people who drink beer and eat cheese curds are hicks? Have you not been to any restaurant in Wisconsin? Many of us drink beer and eat cheese curds and most of us are not "hicks." Barry Adams, a born and raised Wisconsinite who lives in Madison, fishes Up North, eats chee…

Barry Adams

I'd like to respond on the age issue. (I won't respond to the inane scarf comment) I always ask a person's age. It helps to better paint a picture of the person we're interviewing, which is why I ask other questions to learn more about their background. And before some one says "you can…

Barry Adams

I like ages in a story. It helps paint the picture.

As for the no traffic signals, I stand by the story as 99 percent of through traffic doesn't go through the city, it goes around it rejoining 151 on the East Side or at Verona Road.

Barry Adams, the guy who wrote the story

Barry Adams

River, I wrote the headline.

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