A forecast for a brown opener, at least in southern Wisconsin, has now changed to the possibility of snow, maybe a couple inches, with more near the Wisconsin-Illinois border by the time deer hunters take a lunch break during the opener Saturday, Nov. 17.

Snack foods need to have quiet packaging because deer can hear very well. Most hunters believe deer super olfactory systems and may not like the smell of some of our foods. Maybe they associate those smells with danger and it sends them packing.

The following is a calendar for outdoors recreational events in and around southern Wisconsin as of Nov. 15, 2018. Please note that readers are advised to contact clubs and organizations, especially in the event of inclement weather, to check the status of each listing.

The two local ranges, Yellowstone Wildlife Area near Blanchardville, and Columbia County Range near Portage, will be open for deer hunters to sight guns. Yellowstone has been closed due to damaged roads and surrounding areas from recent flooding.

Rick Horton, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin district biologist for the National Wild Turkey Federation announced that the Wisconsin State Chapter of the NWTF has received three Wisconsin Habitat Partnership Fund grants from Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources.

On Oct. 5, Kathleen Gruentzel, park superintendent, joined David Borsecnik, Department of Natural Resources District Park and Recreation management supervisor, and several employees and friends, in presenting a plaque to these two Volunteers of the Year. The state-wide award comes from nominations by the state park system personnel.