The following is a calendar for outdoors recreational events in and around southern Wisconsin as of Sept. 21, 2018. Please note that readers are advised to contact clubs and organizations, especially in the event of inclement weather, to check the status of each listing.

If two groups took off paddling from northern Saskatchewan to navigate 600 wilderness miles of northern Canadian lakes, rivers and portages, would four 20-somethings or four 60-somethings arrive first at Hudson Bay six weeks later, everyone healthy and still liking each other?

Wisconsin entered this new hunting era in 2014 after going through Gov. Scott Walker’s “Deer Trustee” review process, led by Texas biologist James Kroll. The 2018 archery season also marks the fifth year hunters can use crossbows, a change that still rankles folks who forever fret about neighbors who attend the wrong church.

Sulphur shelf, a.k.a. chicken-of the-woods, or sulphur mushroom is a bracket polypore commonly seen from late July through October. Late September and early October is prime time.

Indian Lake is a small water encompassing fewer than 70 acres with a maximum depth of only 7 feet, but it is one of those charming waters in a beautiful location where you can take your children for a day or just an afternoon and have them laughing and catching fish.

On Aug. 8, “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast ( devoted a compelling two hours and 17 minutes to CWD. The episode, No. 1,154, had 456,000 viewings on YouTube and roughly 3 million audio downloads within one week of its recording.

Earlier, the “MeatEater Podcast with Steven Rinella” ( spent an equally fascinating two hours and 21 minutes on CWD. That episode, No. 70, has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times off several podcast platforms, including Apple iTunes, Android and Stitcher.