In the NFL these days, it's all about the quarterback. And stopping the quarterback.

Hence, the concept of positional value.

The growing importance of quarterbacks and the people who disrupt them − dynamic edge pass-rushers and cornerbacks who can play press-man coverage − has skewed the NFL draft a bit. The best players on the board might be running backs, guards or nose tackles, but teams must first give a long look at the quarterbacks, outside linebackers and cornerbacks simply because those positions are so valuable in the modern game.

The Green Bay Packers have their quarterback, but their beleaguered defense needs all the help it can get. By most estimates, there are 13 can't-miss prospects in the draft and the Packers' first-round pick is No. 14, which only adds to the drama when the three-day draft begins Thursday night.

Here is one look at how the first round could go: