University of Wisconsin football coach Bret Bielema is off the market.

Bielema mentioned last Saturday to a Wisconsin State Journal reporter he had become engaged, then announced it publicly on a radio show on WTSO (1070 AM) on Friday morning.

Bielema, 41, who has never been married, offered no details, other than to say on April 9, he was holding an engagement party.

His single status has come up occasionally during the past five seasons as head coach of the Badgers. At one point, Bielema said he viewed being single as an advantage, because it allowed him to devote more time to the job.

He also said it lessened distractions, telling a story of calling tight ends coach Joe Rudolph at home and hearing his young children screaming in the background.

Yet, Bielema has also talked about coming home to an empty house after games on Saturday nights and doing laundry while watching college games on television in the evening.



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