One of the issues the University of Wisconsin football coaches face this week is the team has yet to be tested in a close -- or, in coachspeak, "four-quarter" -- game.

UW coach Bret Bielema has done a couple of things to try and make up for that.

He has kept the starters in longer than needed in a couple games.

"That's why ... the majority of our starters started the fourth quarter," Bielema said on Monday, of those recent games. "I wanted them to get through the third quarter, 'Jump Around,' to be quite honest."

Bielema also had some of the starters do extra conditioning during Sunday practices, something he likely wouldn't do after close games.

Another issue is how the Badgers will react to potential adversity against Nebraska on Saturday night, when they have seen so little of it in their four non-conference games.

Bielema insisted there were small doses of adversity in the last two games, "in all three phases of the game, offense, defense and special teams. We made a big deal of it in our Sunday teaching," he said.

"Nothing on our schedule to this date will be Nebraska, I get it, but I have seen them react favorably and we talk about it all the time."

Bielema also has the favorable responses last season to draw upon. At the top of that list was the road win at Iowa, when the Badgers were missing several top players, including tight end Lance Kendricks, running back James White, wide receiver Nick Toon and center Peter Konz (for the second half).

"A good core of what helped us win last year against Ohio State and Iowa, and handled that, a lot of those guys are back," Bielema said.

As a result, Bielema said he's not worried about how his players will respond when they finally get in a close, competitive game.

"That is something I am not really concerned a great deal about with this group because of the way they think, because of the way they're wired," he said.


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