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While most pundits agree that the difference in talent is minimal between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Milwaukee Brewers as they square off in the National League Championship Series starting Friday night in Milwaukee, there is a huge gap monetarily between the teams and the markets they play in.

The Dodgers’ payroll is a hefty $194.2 million — one of the highest in the major leagues — compared to the Brewers’ minuscule $115.4 million payroll, which increased several million with their late-season acquisitions. The Dodgers spent $2.1 million for each victory while the Brewers spent $1.2 million, according to the Sporting News.

Forbes ranks the Dodgers franchise as the second-most valuable at $3 billion, while the Brewers rank 25th at just over $1 billion. The Dodgers raked in over $522 million in revenues in 2017, while the Brewers’ revenues amounted to $255 million, according to

The Brewers don’t even have the edge with their state-of-the-art stadium and their beer-swilling, fun-loving fans. Average attendance at 17-year-old Miller Park was 35,195, which was an impressive 10th-best in Major League Baseball this season. But the 56-year-old Dodger Stadium — considered ancient by most stadium standards — is still one of the biggest draws in the Los Angeles area.

It ranks first of all Major League Baseball stadiums in seating and the Dodgers rank first in average attendance (47,042).

Why? The Dodgers are the most popular sports team in the Los Angeles area, according to a 2017 survey conducted by Loyola Marymount University.

As excited as the state of Wisconsin may be about the Brewers this fall, they still don’t capture the hearts of Cheeseheads like the Green Bay Packers — even when Aaron Rodgers and Co. aren’t playing well.

That’s not all bad for Brewers’ fans, though. Even though tickets to tonight’s game are skyrocketing on Stubhub, they pale in comparison to what some comparable seats are costing for Game 3 of the NLCS at Dodger Stadium.

Available seats in the infield platinum area of Miller Park cost around $400, compared to around $600 at Dodger Stadium. Seats closest to the dugouts run around $555 at Miller Park and range up $1,799.99 at Dodger Stadium.

Once again, the Dodgers get the edge for cheap seats at around $74, compared to $80 for Uecker seats at Miller Park.

But all the money in L.A. can’t buy a better nickname for those seats.


Rob Schultz has won multiple writing awards at the state and national levels and covers an array of topics for the Wisconsin State Journal in south-central and southwestern Wisconsin.