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A digital membership to the Wisconsin State Journal is a must-have for any law office seeking to understand the ever-changing pulse of politics, legal actions, higher education and many more leading issues in our state.

Along with full access to our website, madison.com, State Journal digital members also have access to our e-Edition, which is an electronic representation of each day’s printed newspaper, on a page by page basis, delivered to your tablet or other devices at 6 a.m. each day.  

Further, digital subscribers can “follow” any of our reporters, and get prompted with a notification each time one of those reporters posts a story of interest.

Our award-winning Opinion page is also of interest to attorneys throughout Wisconsin. Our Opinion page serves as Wisconsin’s “public marketplace of ideas,” a place where those with differing views mix it up regularly, debating the most important issues of the day, around Wisconsin, the nation and the world.

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As a special offer, digital subscriptions are available to Wisconsin law firms at an introductory rate of $3 for 13 weeks of total access.

It’s quick and easy to sign up, and we’re sure our consistent and objective coverage of the news would be an asset for anyone who feels the need to be plugged in to what’s happening across the great state of Wisconsin. Here are a few highlights about our staff:

  • Among the 45 journalists who power the Wisconsin State Journal’s news coverage, our staff includes two full-time reporters who work in the state Capitol every day. Riley Vetterkind and Mitchell Schmidt cover the Assembly, the Senate and the governor’s office on a daily basis, tracking pending legislation, administrative actions, budget negotiations and much more. Our Capitol team also tracks a variety of state agencies, including the Department of Administration and the Department of Natural Resources.

  • We also have a full-time reporter covering local, state and federal courts in Madison. Much of the coverage is about criminal courts, but we also track significant civil lawsuits on a regular basis. We also cover the state Supreme Court, both its actions and the evolving dynamics that surround the state’s top court.

  • Our news team also includes a full-time higher education reporter, an environmental reporter who also covers Wisconsin’s energy sector, a nationally regarded health beat reporter, a Wisconsin regional reporter and many others.