Seed Pod, Brenda Baker

Brenda Baker's "Seed Pod" greeted visitors to Monona Terrace starting in early October 2013 and was displayed until last week. This is among the rare temporary art projects that will have a permanent home, but not in Madison. In a few weeks, it's headed to the Lyndon Sculpture Gardens in Milwaukee. 

According to the city, the pod was made "from invasive buckthorn, honeysuckle and autumn olive, all invasive plants that threaten species diversity in Southern Wisconsin.

"The large pod symbolizes how invasives spread of while highlighting the importance of restoration work and native ecosystems."

We're not the only ones who loved this striking piece. A post on the Wingra Springs blog, which focuses on the Lake Wingra watershed, noted that the sculpture "looks and feels as if it has always been there. So perfectly does it fit and grace the space that it should be allowed to stay for a long time."