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Robert Mueller

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VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE, on the conclusions of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation: “It was found that there was no obstru…

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PRESS SECRETARY KAYLEIGH McENANY: “We have a handwritten FBI note that says, quote, ‘We need to get (Flynn) to lie,’ quote, and ‘get him fired.’ There was an unfair target on the back of General Michael Flynn." — news briefing Friday.

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TRUMP: “Who are the four prosecutors (Mueller people?) who cut and ran after being exposed for recommending a ridiculous 9 year prison sentence to a man that got caught up in an investigation that was illegal, the Mueller Scam, and shouldn’t ever even have started?" — tweet Tuesday.

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TRUMP: “You completely failed with the Mueller report because there was nothing to find.” — letter to Pelosi.

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The articles make no explicit mention of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, even though Mueller said the president could not be e…

On this week's "Center Stage" political podcast, Milfred and Hands analyze and play clips from the bout between Sensenbrenner and Mueller at this week's congressional hearing. Sensenbrenner scored a blow by accusing Mueller of "fishing," but Mueller outlasted the clock. Milfred and Hands declare a winner and link the whole thing to "Game of Thrones" and the Muppets.

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