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Meet Lila! Lila is a 7 week old (4/26) tabby kitten. She enjoys playing with her siblings, taking naps, and... View on PetFinder

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‌Through hygge, the bedroom can be a place where you can retreat to relax and enjoy a comfortable, restful night’s sleep. You may even create a space so inviting you want to read, nap, meditate or simply escape from the workday in your bedroom. Of course, breakfast in bed and sleeping in are very in line with a hygge lifestyle. Avoid putting a TV or other screen in the bedroom if you can.

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I’ve twisted myself into a yoga pretzel on Zoom. I’ve downloaded the meditation apps. I’ve watched koala bear naps on the San Diego Zoo’s koala cam. (OMG, the baby.) All of it has helped soothe my simmering coronanxiety to some degree, though none quite as much as streaming a film festival’s worth of disaster flicks and diving into a pile of snacks.

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Called sleep inertia, it happens when you suddenly snap out of REM sleep — a deeper stage of sleep where you dream and your body repairs itself. During that sleep cycle your body is flooded with high levels of melatonin, the body's sleep hormone. Waking with a body packed full of a sleep aid causes disorientation and shaky sensory-motor performance that typically lasts about 30 minutes to an hour.

Almost casually, Robin Lopez boasted. "I possess the unique ability to slip into a coma at any moment's notice," the Bulls center said. What a tranquil talent. What a placid power. The Bulls will conclude a five-game, 11-day trip Thursday in Denver. They're back on Mountain time after two separate jaunts to the Pacific time zone. Their days are filled with breakfast meetings, film study, ...

ARENA—Linda (VanCoulter) White found peace on Saturday, Jan. 12, 2019, due to natural causes. She is survived by her devoted husband of 65 yea…

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