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Here’s something you haven’t seen until recently: a name-brand dashcam, Pioneer ND-DVR100. Its design is also more pleasing, tucking up into the top of the car windshield like an OEM part rather than hanging down on an unsightly mount. The camera lens does all the basics plus a couple of tricks: It has an odd frame rate of 27.5 frames per second when recording that is tuned to make sure it never misses the state of an LED traffic light, which has a pronounced on/off flicker other cameras might record as no signal at all. Built-in GPS tagging makes sure the footage that you are recording will have time and GPS location embedded. ($150)

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The Garmin fenix is an attractive option for athletes who want a mix of features. It’s a slighter older GPS watch, but it holds up as a strong competitor against newer models. We love the stylish sapphire white version for its chic look. It doesn’t scream, “I’m a fitness watch” like other devices. Despite its deceivingly delicate appearance, the 5S Plus is tough. It also has a host of sports profiles, so it’s suitable for multisport enthusiasts and has enough built-in storage for up to 500 songs. $699.99 from Kohl’s

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A feature-packed GPS or multisport watch can be overwhelming for some people. If you don’t want something overly complicated, the Fitbit Inspire HR is a simple activity tracker that doubles as a slim, unassuming timepiece. Wear it all day and get step count data, total distance and heart rate info. The tracker is water-resistant (up to 164 feet, so it’s safe for swimming), and you can easily customize the watch face to your liking. $69.95 from Best Buy

Here's an embarrassing but true revelation: My sense of direction is less than optimal. That has led to many conversations like this one some years ago with my co-pilot, who thought GPS was for sissies, especially in L.A., which he knew well. Him: Where are you going? Me: I'm going to the tile store. Him: In what state? Me (glaring): In California, you (fill in pejorative term here). Him ...

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Assuming you buy gifts for friends, and not enemies, you want them to return home safely. Knowing where you’re going is the first step in that endeavor. Consider buying your outdoorsy loved one a year membership to one of the two premier GPS trail and mapping apps: GAIA GPS and onX Hunt. Both are great and do similar things, although onX is geared toward hunters and GAIA is more for hikers.

Question: I am getting ready to spend a couple of months in Scotland, England and Ireland and wonder whether you have any advice or information on the best ways to navigate on this trip. Jim McIntosh, Carlsbad, Calif. Answer: Renting a car and hitting the high roads of Britain and Ireland brings with it some freedoms but also some complications. Two travel experts offer suggestions to make ...

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