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You can put this DIY solar light from @colleenpastoor together in just minutes—and even better, on a tiny budget. These Dollar Store outdoor lights using candle holders, a hot glue gun, and some solar lights.

TikTok creator @purposedrivenmovement shows you how to make a DIY umbrella stand that doubles as a planter for pretty summer flowers using concrete, a bucket, a large planter pot, and a PVC pipe.

Need an inexpensive way to update some furniture or paint an accent wall? Follow this helpful tip from DIY creator @livelovehouse and scour a home improvement store’s “Oops Paint” selection for a deep discount.

For a more seamless look on DIY woodworking projects, you probably want to hide any screws. This quick tutorial from @montross.made shows you how to countersink a screw so you can’t even see it once the paint dies.

Truck toolboxes serve a utilitarian purpose: to secure and protect tools and other small items you might want on a job site or for recreation, but they don’t have to be ugly, ungainly or expensive. These top-rated toolboxes offer efficient storage and style.

Cornhole is a simple, popular outdoor game where two players or teams face off to see who has the best bean bag toss. You can make cornhole boards using some careful measuring like @katelynrozypal did in this TikTok video.

TikTok creator @_lekaren shows you how to create your own party sized mega Jenga for under $20. You’ll just need to make a quick trip to the hardware store to have it ready by this weekend.

Car covers help extend the life of a vehicle’s paint while helping save time and money on washes and maintenance. Shield your car from the elements with Forbes’ five top-rated covers.

Impact wrenches are a must-have tool for working on your own car or truck projects, or if you maintain home lawn equipment other machinery. There are a range of different types of wrenches, and these are some of the best on the market.

You can’t add a more enduring landscape feature to a home than a stone wall, which you’ll see dotting the countryside of many homes in rural areas. A rugged stone wall creates a natural material surrounding property that’s appealing whether it’s a modest cottage or a handsome country estate, often becoming the focal point of the property.

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If you have a clever dog, they’ll love this DIY puzzle toy from TikTok creator @larrysadventures. You can use tennis balls and toys you already have in your home to cover high value treats placed at the bottom of a muffin tin.

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Using an old hand towel or scrap fabric, you can fold together a DIY snuffle toy in minutes. This tutorial from @furbabysireland shows you how to create a toy that promotes nose work and keeps your dog engaged.

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TikTok user @diyknowlesornever saw a braided leather headboard on Hati Home for $995. Since that was out of the question, she recreated the look for just $60 using faux leather.  This dupe looks incredible.

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From the end result, you would never guess that this expensive looking tufted headboard from TikTok creator @simply.shanaa cost just $30 to DIY. The reason for the low cost is unexpected—underneath the padding some cardboard boxes are hiding.

How much time do you spend foraging for your keys? Ever had to rely on the extra set you hid away? You may be a good candidate for a key-free door access lock pad that offers the security of a keyed lock with the convenience of using a digital code to open the door.

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TikTok creator @mamma_mila_ is full of helpful home tips, and this natural dusting spray is no exception. Vinegar, lemon oil, and water form the base of this spray, but a little bit of coconut oil is the secret that keeps dust at bay.

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If your mom loves sentimental gifts, grab some scrapbook paper and your favorite photos to create a DIY scrapbook of some happy memories. This tutorial from @marytvilleda shows you how to bind the pages.

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Hide your router with this DIY book cover from @sarjeantsonfire. Using yard sale or free sidewalk books that are water damaged or with broken binding will keep this project super cheap, and you won’t need to cut up a book you can still read.

To lower the use and expense of air conditioning a home in the dog days of summer, consider installing a whole house fan to cool it down. The fan, usually installed on the second floor in the ceiling, is designed to pull air through open windows and doors and exhaust it out through the attic to the outdoors. It works best in the evening as the temperature drops, so fresh air is pulled in and forces hot air through attic vents. By morning you’ll be reaching for a blanket after a cool night’s sleep.

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TikTok creator @kammymakora shows that no matter what your budget is this year, you can still put together a touching gift for your mom. With her Dollar Tree finds, including frames, cards, and faux flowers, she creates a custom vase and bouquet that will last forever.

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If you’re not ready to bust out the power tools to get the West Elm look, try this easy DIY using modeling clay from TikTok creator @betharoutunian. The original ceramic link sculpture cost $80, but her dupe looks just as expensive.

Is there anything more annoying in a bathroom than a towel bar unable to do its only job? As it dangles by one end, off the wall, it is good for nothing and certainly not for hanging a towel. The problem is the hardware fastener no longer works and is pulled out of the wallboard which can be a self-inflicted wound when someone mistakenly took it for a grab bar once too...

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TikTok creator @houseofnickmond came up with a creative way to use a Goodwill lamp and globe by turning the globe into a lamp shade. This DIY is perfect for a classroom, kid’s room, or just for an adult who appreciates eclectic décor.

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