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A power washer is a versatile machine that can help restore sparkle and shine to a variety of surfaces in your home. If you don’t want to invest in your own power washer, they are readily available for rent at home supply and hardware stores. However, before you enthusiastically hook up the hose and douse every surface in a powerful spray, there are some precautions you should take. Here is a helpful guide to power-wash cleaning do’s and don’ts.

Q: Tim, I have a big decision to make and need your help. I love the look of colored brick for paving, including my driveway, sidewalks and patio. The issue is I’ve started to pay attention to older installations of colored concrete paving brick and many look faded. Why is that happening? Some look horrible, especially at a restaurant I patronize. I don’t want my investment to look faded in a few years. Do I have alternatives, and is there a way to restore the color of faded concrete brick pavers? —Mary Chris F., Tampa, Fla.

Q: Tim, I really need your help. I just moved into my new home and have a smoking full masonry fireplace. It’s 55 inches wide and has an arched opening that’s 33.5 inches at the peak of the arch. It looks like regular brick mortar was used with the firebrick. For whatever reason, it has two flues and a damper on each one. It smokes like an old steam locomotive, sending clouds of choking smoke into the house! Cracking a window helps but doesn’t solve the problem. Should there only be one flue? Should I only open one damper? What’s wrong? —Tim Y., Broken Arrow, Okla.

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Mr. Leslie Willson (1847-1906) was born in Pennsylvania. He moved to Minnesota with his parents in 1862 and in 1867 moved to Eau Claire to work for the Eau Claire Lumber Company. Miss Nellie Wilson, of Eau Claire, became his wife in 1884 and in 1889 they moved to Chippewa Falls where they purchased the home located at 320 Superior Street and founded the Chippewa Valley Mercantile Company. The companies large brick warehouse building still stands at the northeast corner of River and Island Streets.

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If possible, your grill should be at least 10 feet from your house, and not near an open window. It should be situated on a fireproof and stable surface like concrete or brick, if possible. Make sure it's somewhere you can monitor at all times when the grill is going. And make sure there isn't an overhang, to prevent fire or carbon monoxide buildup.

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Today's 5 To Know boils down to two words: Cody Parkey. Well, Parkey plus Pizza Hut's beer announcement, an unlikely star at the Golden Globes, a bee brick, and gorgeous shots of the partial solar eclipse!

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Blond bombshell, pin-up girl, close friend of the Kennedy men and highly successful actress, Marilyn Monroe starred in many of the biggest box-office hits of the 1950s and early 60s, including "Some Like It Hot," "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," and "The Misfits." Proceeds from her films, which grossed over $200 million, would have afforded her the ability to buy almost any home her heart desired. However, she purchased only one house in her own name during her 36-year lifetime.

A window at the far end of the kitchen and an open doorway to the rest of the home keeps the space casual, connected and filled with natural light. "Before we started the project, the brick wall was simply a doorway from the family room to the kitchen," says Siebert. "The homeowner never realized that this could be opened up and that we could use an exterior element with interior elements seamlessly."

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