Short days, freezing temperatures, and holiday stress can leave anyone feeling more down. Whether you struggle with the more severe symptoms of seasonal affective disorder, or just have a common case of the winter blues, a happy light could help improve your mood, get better sleep, and have an easier time getting out of bed on cold mornings. This portable UV light is an affordable option with rave customer reviews.

The holiday season can bring extra stress with interrupted routines, uncomfortable plane and car travel, and the added costs of gifts and food. If you’re feeling tense this time of year, treat yourself to a massage without breaking the bank. This Body Back Buddy self-massage tool can help you unwind for $30—a third of the price of a professional massage. Here are 3 tips for the most relaxing self-massage:

Even with a built-in fur coat your pets are probably chilly in the winter. Rather than cranking up the heat all day while you’re at work treat your dog or cat to a heated pet mat that’s earning rave reviews on Amazon from pet parents.

We’ve all been there—it’s three hours into a drive to see family over the holidays and we just can’t remember if we left the bedroom light or hair straightener on. Save yourself the giant electric bill or moment of panic with smart outlets. This Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatible outlet from Currant will help you monitor energy use, turn appliances on and off from outside your home, and schedule power to everything from humidifiers to Christmas lights.

Bread machines had their heyday in the 90’s, but it’s not likely you’ll find this kitchen appliance sitting on the counter anymore. But with an increase in health consciousness and growing interest in local foods and homemade meals this handy gadget is poised to make a comeback. Here are three signs a bread machine should be on your kitchen shopping list.

No matter how many socks they’ve chewed up or couches they’ve scratched, you know your pets belong on the nice list this year. If you’re looking for a great holiday gift for your pet or a friend’s dog, this YETI bowl should be on your shopping list.