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If you’re squeezing in a final summer vacation, like popping into new yoga classes without planning, or love taking your practice to the park, this lightweight yoga mat from Tunods Fitness should always be in your purse or backpack.

Whether you need to eliminate the junk drawer for good, clear a cluttered bathroom counter, tidy up a sock drawer, or all of the above, there’s one handy organizer that can help you tackle all your storage issues. This adjustable organizer from Practical Comfort can take on the messiest drawers in any room of your house.

Want to turn any pair of lace up shoes into a pair of slip on shoes? Whether you’re replacing the laces for small children or want to avoid arthritis pain while getting ready in the morning, these no-tie shoelaces from Caterpy have Amazon customers raving.

Sharing a tiny dorm room with a stranger isn’t always the easiest feat—but you can avoid one source of drama by tackling the limited storage space head on. These small space storage solutions are perfect for shared rooms.

If you’ve ever tackled a massive clog in your kitchen or shower drain with a commercial drain cleaner, you know just how noxious the fumes from chemical clog removers can smell—and they aren’t always safe for old pipes either. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative, try this natural drain cleaner and odor eliminator from Bioda.

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