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Sitting down with a bowl of popcorn and streaming your favorite show can be a relaxing way to unwind after a long day, but bagged microwave popcorn isn’t always the healthiest snack. The plastic and paper wrapping create more waste, and it’s less cost effective than buying popcorn in bulk. The biggest downside of making your own popcorn has always been the lack of convenience. But you don’t need to use a stove top popper to eat your favorite snack.

Maybe you already recycle but you hate the way that clunky blue bin takes up kitchen space. Maybe you just sobbed through the walrus scene in Our Planet and you’re newly committed to reducing your impact but you’re living in a small space. These in-cabinet recycling bins will help you cut down on waste without taking up precious floor space.

If you’re spending more time in your garden this spring, you might have noticed the warmer weather has encouraged wasps to spend more time in it too. Fortunately, you can keep yourself and your children safe from stings with these solar powered wasp traps.

If you find your garden tools have started to clutter your garage, you might need a smarter storage solution. This practical and attractive outdoor storage bench is a favorite of Amazon customers and will help you store your tools while providing comfortable seating.

Warmer spring weather means taking advantage of the longer sunny days and spending more time outside on your patio. If you’re hosting more backyard parties, or just love lounging and listing to music, try these durable outdoor speakers from Polk Audio.

If spring cleaning tends to put you in the mood for other ways to freshen up your home, temporary wallpaper could be the solution. It’s a bold way to completely makeover a room, requires no long-term commitment, and can be completed on a free Sunday. But finding the perfect temporary wallpaper for your space isn’t always easy. That’s where the Amazon-exclusive home collection the Novogratz comes in.