Dear Editor: Apparently Scott Walker saw that it worked for Ron Johnson when he also "guaranteed" that this would be his last term if he were to win. Johnson said the same thing while trailing Russ Feingold in the last U.S. Senate election.

Perhaps all upper-echelon political candidates should be talking about term limits, as opposed to begging the electorate for another election victory.

Come on, governor, pandering is not becoming.

Walker also has been living in the people's mansion for several years now, while using the excuse that they were downsizing when selling their home in Wauwatosa. Well, where is that downsized home that you purchased, Mr. Walker? Oh yeah, why buy when you can live off the "hardworking taxpayers of Wisconsin," a term that you perpetually use while you fly around the state (over $900,000 of taxpayer money spent on flying costs).

Given the condition of our roads, maybe that is not a bad option. However, flying is not a viable option for most of our citizenry.

It is bad enough that Walker has given Foxconn a $4.5 billion gift, and quite possibly will give a big gift to Kimberly-Clark.

Let's term-limit the governor and his yes men and defeat them in the forthcoming election! 

Randy O'Connell


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