Dear Editor: You know how a Madison declares a "snow emergency" during a snowstorm, which allows our city employees easier access to the areas they are accountable for to clear the snow for the good of all? It works.

We need something similar to a snow emergency to attain health care for everyone in Wisconsin, education for everyone that wants it in Wisconsin, and to protect all retiree fragile social systems.

We also need something similar to a snow emergency to attain immigration reform, protect a women's right to choose, and secure safer gun control laws in Wisconsin.

Once a year, what we need is a state referendum that would work like a snow emergency works at the local level for snow removal. Once a year an issue or issues would be presented to voters in Wisconsin. The propositions would be short, clear and concise — for example: Are you in favor of raising taxes on families making more than $10 million a year? Yes or No.

Each city can drive their own vote — paper ballots only, open only to people whom have voted in the last local or presidential election. Count the votes and make the count public.

All of the votes will roll up statewide into one count. If over 60 percent of Wisconsinites want it, then the Senate and House must draft legislation and bring it to the floor. If the bill is voted it down we will know at least who is ignoring the will of the majority of Wisconsinites and hold them accountable. We will have the hard evidence needed to advance reforms.

Mark Collins


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