Dear Editor: In addition to comments made by Dave Zweifel regarding Sen. Ron Johnson, I'd put forth this:

1. He has held no in-person town halls that I am aware of and consequently appears to have little contact with his constituents. Although I write to him frequently, Johnson never responds, not even with a form letter.

Obviously, he does not vote to support the well-being of Wisconsin citizens as he has little contact with them.

2. The votes for federal judges are critical now and for the future. Johnson votes for cloture every time a Trump choice is put forward and then votes for the candidate. Not only does he support the president's choice, but he seeks to eliminate discussion of the candidate in the Senate.

3. The senator will always vote against anything that supports the environment or the common good. It makes me wonder if he even reads and contemplates new legislation or simply votes as he was told to.

Wisconsin deserves senators and representatives that actually read, respond to constituents, listen to experts, and make learned decisions when regarding legislation.

Glory Adams

Eau Claire

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