Dear Editor: We are entering the home stretch of the 2018 campaign. I am proud to give my endorsement and my vote to Kriss Marion to become the next state senator for Wisconsin’s 17th District.

As Kriss has demonstrated in her campaign, she will be a tireless worker for all of us who live in the district. She has our interests in mind. She believes in rural Wisconsin and its people, schools, family farms, and small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Kriss is a skilled listener and an independent thinker. She is not an extreme partisan. She is willing to work with anyone who has the best interests of Wisconsin in mind.

She will work to restore funding that has been taken from our rural schools and roadways and siphoned off by the Walker administration to be handed out like candy at a homecoming parade to his large corporate donors, foreign and domestic.

Wisconsin’s natural resources are our state’s great treasure. Kriss will advocate for the reinstatement of necessary protections for our land, water and atmosphere. She understands that a healthy economy and a healthy environment work hand in hand.

Kriss walks in the footsteps of the Robert La Follette (a Republican, by the way). Let’s vote her in as a much needed step in the restoration of our state’s progressive tradition. Please exercise your responsibility as a citizen and vote on Nov. 6.

Don Greenwood

Spring Green

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