Dear Editor: One of the important traits I was looking for in the next mayor was who could I count on to partner with in developing a higher-level partnership with School Board plans I want to promote. I want our three governing bodies — city, county and School Board — to work much closer to create higher-level partnerships around several issues of concern, such as:

1. Mental health and support services for families and our children.

2. Out-of-school-time programming.

3. Affordable housing. Yes, the school district can and should make some of our land available for housing development as well as constructing school sites for our own alternative options that we now pay over $500,000 a year for in rent, thereby freeing up those funds for other important needs.

4. Partner on moving toward 100 percent renewable energy sources for all of our buildings and vehicles.

5. Continued and ongoing work on racial equity issues.

To accomplish these goals, I would like to see a city/county/School Board committee that the mayor, City Council president, county executive, County Board president and the School Board president and vice president will sit on, along with key staffers from each of their offices, and that would include the superintendent of Madison schools.

To make this significant change I believe that Satya Rhodes-Conway is the best choice as mayor. I believe Satya to be much more open to the potential to share budgets and that she has the ability to develop the personal working relationships needed to accomplish this task without any lingering old “battles” to cut through. On April 2, I will be voting for Satya Rhodes-Conway.

Dean Loumos


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