Dear Editor: President Donald Trump said that if Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar doesn’t like our country she can leave. Omar loves our country. Trump doesn’t.

Fleeing Somalia, Omar spent four years in a refugee camp in Kenya before becoming a citizen of the United States. In the finest American tradition, she has pulled herself up by the bootstraps from humble beginnings.

Donald Trump was given millions of dollars before he was out of grade school.

Unlike Trump, Omar did not get help from our enemy, Russia, to get elected. Omar did not fake bone spurs to avoid service to her country. Omar has not ignored congressional subpoenas or had members of her staff sent to prison. Omar has not sidled up to brutal dictators like Russia’s Putin or the dictatorial leaders of Hungary, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and North Korea.

It is President Trump, not Ilhan Omar, who has been disloyal to our country. Trump’s patriotic bluster is just another of his endless stream of lies.

Omar has been a far more honorable citizen than Trump. If someone needs to leave the country, it should be our dishonest, traitorous, and racist president.

Dave Wester


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