Wind farms are always fascinating news, which leads to lots of questions. But it seems like the reporting is murky and short of facts.

The NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) concept is front and center, understandably. But how could we make better decisions, based on credible costs, rather than just personal opinions justifying the visual blight in the name of our environment? We need mathematical answers.

How much does an individual tower cost? What is the income for that tower? How long is the life of the tower and the income stream? Is it a winning investment? Can we get a win-win-win outcome where the utility company, consumer and environment all benefit? Or are the only winners the tower supplier and the environment?

What are the math facts? It seems like this is never published in plain English. When we make decisions that affect thousands of acres of land and livability within those acres, it would be comforting to see positive mathematical models paralleling our efforts to protect our environment. If the math is not prudent, then we need to keep searching for reasonable electricity production.

Society really needs to know the cost-versus-income facts from the industry. We need to be reassured that our utilities are prudent.

Dwight Ziegler, DeForest

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