Where a secured wall is in place, the flow of illegal immigrants stops. Walls work.

The Great Wall of China kept invaders out. The Berlin Wall deterred crossings. Ask Israel, the Vatican, and Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama who both live in walled or gated homes or communities.

America still doesn't have a secured border wall. We've been clamoring for one since the 1980s. As a result, the number of illegal immigrants -- some of them criminals and drug traffickers -- continues to rise.

The Democratic Party and its media allies continue to advocate to abolish ICE and promote open borders, ignoring the federal constitutional mandate to protect America.

Let's do something different: Complete the wall and experience the safety of a "gated community" for once.

The Democrats and media say they can secure America without a wall, but we have yet to hear their plan for doing it. Let's hear it.

Joyce McRoberts, New Glarus

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