Many voters in the Madison School District are realizing that the dominant issue in this year’s School Board elections is the future of charter schools in our district.

We now have two charter schools not chartered by our elected school board, but by the University of Wisconsin Regents. Those schools, "non-instrumentality" charters, don’t have to follow curriculum or policies set by our district -- policies against discrimination, for instance. They’re unaccountable to the public, and aren’t required to take all students, as traditional public schools are, but they’ll get public money.

The School Board primary election is Tuesday. One race has a candidate who runs one of those UW charters, and another race has a candidate whose children go to the other one. The third race has a candidate who calls for more charters and voucher schools.

Fortunately, we have a candidate in each race who is a strong supporter of public schools, and whose kids are or were in district schools. I hope School Board voters will join me in voting for Laila Borokhim, TJ Mertz and Cristiana Carusi on Tuesday and again on April 2.

Norm Littlejohn, Madison

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