Let me get this straight, UW-Madison:

The university pounds its chest about diversity -- so much so that it Photoshops a student of color onto campus literature. But university officials assumed Quintez Cephus, a football player and student of color, was guilty before because it threw him out of school before his trial.

He was recently found not guilty of sexual assault by a jury. Now, before reinstating him, UW is requesting trial transcripts, which can take months to obtain. Really? Cephus wasn't in a real jail, but he was in a cell created by UW -- for 16 months.

UW expects its student body to do the right thing. It's time for this university to look at its own code of conduct and do the right thing. Depending on what happens here, if you're a minority, why would you ever want to attend a university that gives up on you -- athlete or not?

The fact Cephus still wants to go to school here is amazing. In my mind, that says much about the character of Cephus.

Alan Smithback, Cottage Grove


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