All this talk by the so-called sports pundits about how Green Bay Packers coach Matt LaFleur has to get along with Aaron Rodgers is nonsense. Rodgers has to get along with LaFleur -- he’s the boss.

Rodgers professes to be a great leader, but he didn’t show it this year. His constant griping about play calling and receivers not being where they should be with his head shaking and finger pointing does not a great leader make.

Rodgers knew early on last season that injuries to prime receivers would mean he would be working with rookies who are going to make a bunch of mistakes. You play with the team you are given and adapt to the situation at hand.

He played like he was trying to get the coach fired, not win the Super Bowl. Well, he got his wish, now it's up to him to respect the schemes the new coaches put in, so he can mature into the type of player and leader that the New England Patriots' Tom Brady epitomizes.

Brady plays with the players he is given, whether due to injuries or trading away his favorite targets. He gets the job done.

Now Rodgers has to grow up and do the same thing.

Gene Selke, Lake Mills

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