Where are all these fiscally conservative Republicans who should be howling about the $21 trillion deficit President Donald Trump is running up? How can the Republicans be OK with Trump borrowing huge sums of money to finance tax cuts for his wealthy comrades at the expense of the working class?

This administration is not following through with a campaign promise to enact a beautiful, affordable, comprehensive national health care plan to benefit all Americans. Trump's economic ideas are not fiscally sustainable, and Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Janesville, and his fellow Republicans should step up.

How are future generations going to deal with the ballooning accrued interest rates from this massive national debt? Perhaps the economy looks stellar now, but the proposed tariffs will decrease global trade and hurt workers and jobs. 

Trump has divided this country and has made us a weaker nation because of the chaos in his administration and the discord he's sowed in this country. He's belittled minorities and those with disabilities, and then validated the actions of white supremacy groups. 

We are the United States, and our democracy has survived because we are stronger together as a nation than as divided tribalism. Congress must begin to work for the people and find common ground to solve problems we face as a nation.

Carol Thiel, North Freedom