President Franklin Delano Roosevelt challenged our country to overcome the Great Depression with projects that benefited society and led this country to defeat the Axis powers and win World War ll.

President Dwight Eisenhower built this nation's interstate system which allowed travelers and goods to safely and rapidly traverse this country.

President John F. Kennedy challenged us to send a man to the moon and return him by the end of the decade, and we continue to reap the benefits of the discoveries made from this effort.

Since then our country has failed to produce a leader with any vision that challenges the citizens of this country. In the past, the people of this country have always answered the call to do greater things then were previously thought possible. Imagine how better we would be if we actually had a leader who went to the American people and said this country’s next major project would be the elimination of all fossil fuel-powered autos by 2030, replaced by electric hydrogen cell-powered vehicles. The environment would gain with an inexhaustible power source.

But leaders don't appear to be on the horizon with the intelligence and foresight to accomplish any such tasks.

Steve Beier, Madison