Gun violence is the normal for this country. It has been for some time.

If we weren’t willing to do anything about guns when first graders were gunned down in Newton, Connecticut, or when 58 people were slaughtered in Las Vegas, or 17 students were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, why should we expect anything to change now?

More guns in the street make the streets more dangerous, not safer as the National Rifle Association keeps claiming. If shoot-em-up video games were the cause of all these attacks, countries like Japan and Korea would have some of the highest murder rates -- not some of the lowest.

The NRA, led by right-wing zealots, funded by gun makers and supported by the Russians, has bought and paid for a Congress and state legislatures across the country. Lawmakers refuse to pass any meaningful gun control legislation.

If people want to see a change in gun violence, we need more one-issue voters who oppose the NRA than support it.

John Hallinan, Stoughton


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