I was amused by last Sunday's letter to the editor "Democrats should tell rest of the story." The author tried to advise Democrats to get the whole story on socialism even though he was peddling only half-truths himself.

After listing many progressive ideas on the Democratic agenda, the author wrote: "The rest of the story would be an honest discussion of the very significant increase in taxes necessary to fund those programs.”

That’s half of the rest of the story. The other half is what the comparable services are now extracting from your pocket by profit-motivated mega-corporations, which charge at least as much for the services but also tack on costs for advertising, lawyers, accountants, claims deniers, taxes, inflated CEO salaries and bonuses, stock dividends, and corporate perks like private jets and vacation hideaways — even assuming they operate in your area at all.

There’s a reason why the administrative cost of nationally available Medicare is so much lower than in the private health insurance industry.

The letter was right about one thing, though: People should definitely get the whole story before deciding whom to support. The letter writer should take his own advice.

Richard S. Russell, Madison