Las Vegas has come to Madison. The newly developed and opened Springhill Suites near Hilldale Mall lights up at night and is an eyesore for the homes bordering it off Midvale and other parts of the neighborhood.

As an individual retired from a lifetime of business, I would be the last one to discourage a company from touting its wares. Yet when it comes to a blaze of lights every evening shining in my kitchen window, I draw the line. When coupled with the Target store light structure, it is reminiscent of Las Vegas in my backyard.

When did Madison fall so far from grace that it now allows garish light structures to offend the local neighborhoods in the evening hours? Where will this go next? Will we see musical interludes blaring from future buildings?

I guess we will find out as we “progress” with forthcoming structures. Heaven help us. Oh yeah, at least heaven is star studded.

David Wandel, Madison

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