Yes, Gov. Scott Walker and the Republicans have kept taxes down -- but at what cost?

We have a road system that is crumbling. We have such a backlog in construction projects, the only affordable fix might be an Act 10 reform on road building.

We have a school system that ranks lower every year Republicans are in office. They defunded the school systems by limiting how much budgets could increase. This led to teacher shortages, lower school performance and deferred maintenance.

They have defunded municipal governments by limiting the size of budget increases, which has led to deferred road work and other maintenance projects. They have defunded the University of Wisconsin System, which has led to lower national rankings. And let's not forget stagnant public employee salaries.

Yep, they have kept taxes down. But in the last eight years they have dug a hole so deep it will take more than eight years to get out. Modest increases in spending are impossible because the Walker economy is characterized by stagnated wages and higher benefit costs, so taxpayers don't have more money to give.

Derek Popp, Mount Horeb

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