It looks like the Wisconsin Supreme Court will rule quickly on the lame-duck session changes that limited the power of the new governor.

Usually this is a slower process that moves to the high court only after some time and lower court appeals. With the election of Justice Brian Hagedorn, the court has moved to support Republican ideals. This is just confirmation of what we already knew.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court doesn't just look at the constitutionality of legislation but is ready to rule in favor of its supporters. Had Lisa Neubauer won the April election, the court would have waited as long as possible to rule on the lame-duck actions because the latest lower court rulings favor the new governor.

We might as well give up on the idea that justice is blind and our constitution will be interpreted fairly. Wisconsin seams to be losing its place as beacon of fair governance. It is a sad reality.

Gene Bier, Milton


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