I admit to being amused when reading the many letters to the editor that protest the "lame duck" legislation. Depending on your political bent, this legislation either leveled the playing field or usurped the powers of the governor and the will of the people.

Gov. Tony Evers won by about 30,000 votes -- hardly a mandate from the people of Wisconsin. Those winning votes were cast in Milwaukee and Dane counties -- major population centers with urban issues.

The letters are amusing to me because no one seems to remember that the rest of the state heartily endorsed the Republican legislators by a significant majority. Those voters expect their leaders to enforce the will of the majority of the electorate.

The U.S. Electoral College is intended to prevent large population centers from overwhelming the votes of the rest of America. The design prevents "city folks" from ignoring the issues that effect the rest of the country.

If Wisconsin had a similar design, it is doubtful Gov. Evers would have defeated Scott Walker. The results of the vote for our state legislators prove that.

I hope that our conservative lawmakers continue to keep the executive branch in check so all that has been gained is not lost.

Todd M. Martin, Madison

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