The race for the 77th Assembly District has four interesting candidates, all of whom offer considerable experience and skills to us as voters. While they agree on most issues, we must look at the priorities of each candidate.

All stress the need to work to bring back Wisconsin ideals for education, fairness and opportunity. But John Imes is the only candidate who also emphasizes the need to protect our environment.

The last seven years of one-sided Republican leadership in Wisconsin has seen a systematic nibbling away at the long Wisconsin tradition of environmental protection, even to the rejection of science in prohibiting the DNR from mentioning climate change. We desperately need a strong environmental advocate in the Assembly, and Imes has the professional background to be that advocate.

As village president of Shorewood Hills, I worked with Imes for five years, during which time he contributed to every initiative we took to protect our environment, compensate our village staff for Act 10, support our schools, and operate the village in a fiscally responsible way.

If you care deeply about the environment, then please consider voting for Imes in Tuesday's primary election.

Mark Sundquist, Madison

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