As the mother of three college-aged boys, I am not afraid. My husband and I have taught our sons that women are not objects or conquests, but human beings deserving respect. We have taught that the decision to be intimate requires two sober people to affirm yes.

Consent is not the absence of "no" from one person. Respect does not include intimidation, belittling or mockery.

The fear of being falsely accused of sexual misconduct is the misplaced fear of being caught and held accountable for bad behavior. We know that the incidence of false accusations is far less than the incidence of actual sexual assault. In fact, most sexual assaults go unreported.

What is there to fear if consent is always obtained and women are treated with respect?

I also have one daughter. As a society, we should fear the many perpetrators who will never be caught or held responsible for their reprehensible behavior. Sadly, we see this play out every day in our country.

Ann Baggot, Madison

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