A Tesla Model 3 makes its way on Nevada's electric highway from Reno to Las Vegas. 

Gov. Tony Evers vetoed a provision in the state budget that would have allowed Tesla to sell their vehicles here in Wisconsin.

Here is his reason: “I am vetoing this provision as I object to significant changes to existing motor vehicle dealership law and the consumer protections they provide to Wisconsin occurring late in the state budget process and without the opportunity for adequate public input and debate.”

Wisconsin’s legislators have actually debated and the public has given input during the last two efforts to pass similar legislation that would have allowed Tesla to sell in this state.

Gov. Evers has disappointed this Tesla driver who voted for him. A Democratic governor should make it easier to buy an electric car, not harder.

I wonder. Did he veto the Tesla provision because it was proposed by a Republican? Could Gov. Evers have been influenced by the $14,000 campaign contribution he received from the Wisconsin Automobile and Truck Dealer Association, who opposed this provision?

At a regular car dealership the price of the car is based on how gullible you are. At Tesla, the price is the price.

So, Gov. Evers, don’t tell me a dealer is better than a Tesla store.

Phil Duncan, Madison


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