A tiny percentage of the Wisconsin vehicles are electric or hybrids. This makes the owners easy targets for a ridiculous way to try to "raise" road maintenance funds, and Gov. Scott Walker knows this.

It sounds like he's doing something while he is actually walking back scientific information. This also gives the truck industry a free pass for not being responsible for the damage it causes to roads and bridges.

Gov. Walker and the lawmakers are such fans of the working people of Wisconsin, and yet they are cutting wage requirements for public work projects. Again, that makes these workers easy targets for destructive political goals.

How about the great deal to Foxconn? It gives a foreign corporation an open invitation to maybe provide 3,000 jobs while adding untold costs on the environment, highways and pressure on schools and community services. And we are expected to subsidize this foreign giant?

Trickle-down economics just does not work. Research the success of the theory for the middle class. There is none.

The GOP politicians should change their name to the Greedy Capitalist of America -- the GCA.

Barbara McFarland, Middleton