Hey Wisconsin, ready to conduct some job interviews?

It's time to evaluate the qualifications of our next Legislature. I am assuming your jobs are similar to mine -- we are required to work well with others, perform duties competently and refrain from deceit. Based on that simple criteria, we should rate our current and prospective elected "leaders." Are they reasonable, honest and industrious folks dedicated to working for all of us?

For what it is worth, here are a few of my preparatory notes for the interview process:

  • Attend town hall meetings so you can ask questions. If you can’t attend, read about the details (not an editorial) in a trusted news source. And yes, there are legitimate news sources out there.
  • Ask how skilled they are at compromise and have them explain several of their compromises (achievements).
  • Don’t accept general statements regarding policies. Ask for details (who, what, where, when and why).

For any controversy, it is easy to find folks who agree with you, and you can be assured an equal number of folks disagree with you.

Let’s go Wisconsin. Let the interviews begin.

Brad Javenkoski, Middleton

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