When I was little, my dad said we lived in the most beautiful state with the nicest people. To prove it, every summer he took us camping to explore the country. And, we agreed -- Wisconsin was tops.

If you feel similarly about Wisconsin, please question the Foxconn proposition. Lawmakers say that we are not giving Foxconn money upfront, yet we would immediately start covering for the billions in taxes that Foxconn is being exempted from paying. And, does the reported $53,000 annual average salary for Foxconn workers include those of top-earning executives? If it does, this average is skewed. Will these executives be Wisconsinites or Taiwanese?

Foxconn expects to profit using our resources, natural and human. The Foxconn plant in China polluted rivers, yet they say they won’t pollute here --but then why did they bargain for fewer environmental guidelines? Should we lower our standards for Foxconn?

Some lawmakers support building a wall to protect American jobs, yet they propose awarding tremendous incentives to a foreign company? What about American businesses and keeping profits here? Please ask questions of your representatives and let them know that you will only support businesses that keep Wisconsin on top.

Sue Kies, Platteville