Monday's letter to the editor "Evers doesn't understand Foxconn deal" argued that the $3 billion price tag on the Foxconn deal is irrelevant because it's money we wouldn't have collected in taxes anyway if Foxconn would not locate in Wisconsin.

The writer seems unaware of two important points. First, Wisconsin has low taxes on manufacturing and, second, Foxconn's tax benefits are largely in the form of refundable tax credits. This means the great majority of that money will actually be paid to Foxconn from our state coffers, and thus by our taxpayers.

It's also interesting to note that the State Journal is about to begin a series on the difficulty many businesses in Wisconsin are having trying to find workers. The latest numbers put our unemployment at 3.2 percent. Most economists would consider that full employment, meaning we already have plenty of work for those who are looking and qualified.

In this taxpayer's opinion, that $3 billion would be much better spent on education, transportation and training workers for the jobs that already exist than it would be helping a foreign corporation that will send its profits overseas and expects a free pass on environmental oversight.

Mike Dupor, Madison

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