"We are here to stay" was the rallying cry in Madison after Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers detained hundreds on undocumented workers in Mississippi. 

Decades of not enforcing our immigration laws has now emboldened undocumented immigrants and their supporters to shamelessly demand special treatment and free stuff at the expense of the taxpayer on the steps of our state Capitol building. They want Wisconsin to be a sanctuary state. They want driver's licenses, in-state tuition for their children, paths to citizenship and other rewards for breaking our nation's laws. (Free beer and a back rub would also be nice).

This is complete nonsense. These people are not U.S. citizens. They are in our nation unlawfully. The legal path to citizenship is on the USA.gov website. It is estimated that upwards of 12 million illegal immigrants are in the nation, and thousands more arrive every day. How many undocumented people should we tolerate?

The United States simply cannot afford to welcome the entire global refugee population. We have a $22 trillion national debt. Congress must repair our broken system and righteously take care of our own people first.

Jon Thorell, Wonewoc


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