Anyone entering the United States without permission the first time can be fined or imprisoned for up to six months, or both. The moment these immigrants stepped onto our soil, they became criminals.

Some research estimates the border patrol is only able to apprehend about 50% of those who trespass our border illegally. This alone should sound the alarm about the crisis at our border. They are now already apprehending 100,000 illegal immigrants per month.

Though it might be sweet payback to those sanctuary cities who defy our laws and don't cooperate with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, I don't want illegal immigrants in this nation. Even pop icon Cher said, “I understand helping struggling immigrants, but my city (Los Angeles) isn't taking care of its own.” She echoes the sentiments of the majority in America.

When our nation's leaders take the oath of office they swear to uphold the laws and defend the Constitution. Democrats are not upholding the laws. They are actually subverting the law by encouraging sanctuary cities that defy our immigration laws. They are thumbing their collective noses at our nation's laws.

Joyce McRoberts, New Glarus